One of the frustrating realities of running a successful digital agency in this industry is that I'm yet to come across a client who can genuinely handle the volume of leads that we're able to generate.

So we have been developing and testing a sales automation solution over the past 3 years, which solves this problem.

Imagine if you had a set of systems that instantly capitalised on fresh interest in your offering, delivered a fantastic sales pitch at any time of night or day, guided people towards the marketing collateral for your project, automatically followed up with a series of informative and persuasive emails, chased people round the internet with remarketing adverts and generated highly qualified prospects for a small team of senior closers.

You'd be able to handle a huge number of sales leads, with a much smaller team, giving you the potential to improve your margins and lower your cost base.

You'd be able to drive more revenue from your top sellers while cutting out much of the laborious admin work that most of them hate.

You'd be able to systematically and scientifically test traffic cost, conversion rates and ROI performance from different channels and markets, without having your perception distorted by a few vocal staff in your sales team.

You'd have more control, more visibility and fewer management headaches.

You'd be able to quickly build on successes, ramping up marketing activity without having to worry about adding loads more sales staff and how to fit them in your office.

If only a system like this existed...