Industry News Round-Up: Friday 15th August 2014

zoomsquare app

Zoomsquare: The Tinder of real estate?

A new property app has launched in Austria designed to allow house-hunters to search for homes in the style of dating app Tinder. Searching for homes through traditional parameters, such as size, location and price, the Austrian app then lets buyers look through a string of photos and swipe left for “no” and swipe right for “yes” – leaving them with a list shortlist of properties at the end.

zoomsquare app

“Online search for real estate used to be arduous. Many platforms, no oversight and many hours spent in front of the computer. We all thought with the modern technologies provided today, it has to be possible to develop a better search engine,” the developers of the app tell OPP Connect.

New Channel 4 show follows online home sellers

Channel 4 has commissioned a new TV show that will follow homeowners selling their property online rather than via a traditional high street agent. Called Sarah Beeny’s Clicks and Mortar, it will see the A Place in the Sun presenter follow them through the online selling process.

It joins a wave of new property series from the broadcaster, including Damned Designers – following home owners who’ve fallen foul of the planning laws – Shore Thing, which sees Charlie Luxton track down the best homes on Britain’s coastline, Can Property Pay My Wages?, which sees Dave Fishwick help ordinary Brits to become developers, and Inside Out Homes, which sees architect Zac Monro use design to help solver home owners’ problems.

Airbnb snitch launches in the US

A new website has launched in the US designed to help landlords tell if their tenants are secret renting out their property. Huntbnb allows users to type in the address of a home and search for whether it is listed on Airbnb. The site uses the address typed in to search for Airbnb listings within the general area – the site itself does not show a home’s address until it is booked by a tenant.

The site follows news that a third of New York’s 19,000+ Airbnb units are being rented out in an illegal manner, notes Fast Company.

ZPG releases interim statement

After its Initial Public Offering earlier this year, Zoopla Property Group has released an interim statement covering April to July 2014, revealing that the company has “continued to enjoy strong growth across all areas”, with traffic to the websites and apps up 34 per cent year-on-year to 45.5 million. Mobile devices now make up over half of their monthly visits, a trend that Zoopla is looking to capitalise on with an advert campaign focused on their app.