How Not to Sell Your House – Part 2

After our previous examinations of successful property listings, it only seems natural to look at the stumbling blocks people encounter when advertising their house on a property portal.

And so, hot on the heels of Redfin’s use of Twitter to reveal the embarrassing side of selling property in-person, here is How Not to Sell Your House Online:

Include terrible pictures

This is by far and away the most common – and most effective – way to not sell your home. The most crucial part of a property listing is the image. It creates a first impression for the buyer and can expose your house’s flaws as much as its strengths.

So if your home contains a topless man, inappropriate political propaganda, sleeping people or rubbish, make sure you include them in your listing:

(All of the above are photos from genuine property listings.)


Give misleading information

Whether it’s the property’s condition, the number of rooms or its location (e.g. next to a nuclear power station), make sure that you never tell the truth. If you can leave out an important piece of information, then do so. It will help you avoid buyers who are looking for property in a specific region or with a particular feature.

Photo credit: Poppet with a Camera (Flickr)

Ignore the good bits

If your home has an interesting past, a former celebrity owner or an interesting angle to highlight, don’t tell anyone about it. Don’t sign up to our private seller Premium Service, which can provide you with an advertorial feature to promote your property.


Write incomplete sentences

The best way to convince people that you’re not a person to buy property from? Do not check your listing for correct grammar or spelling – and never, ever finish your


Make sure the price is wrong

As one agent declared this week, Spanish property prices are overpriced by an average of 40 per cent, which is hindering market activity. An incorrect price is a fast ticket to Reject-ville, so be sure to keep your price extortionately high or suspiciously low to discourage any attention from investors.


Don’t use Lead Galaxy

Don’t take advantage of our client-focussed qualified lead generation service and experienced email marketing campaigns. Don’t visit this page. And don’t speak to a member of our helpful team, who will help you successfully market your property.