Content Syndication and SEO – Get More Lift

Last week, we dropped in on a Webinar by Cision about content syndication and SEO. How can you use the internet to spread your property portal’s content and gain more traffic?

This is what we learned:

Back in January, sites around the world joined together in a mass blackout in protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act. It started with a YouTube video, which went undetected for quite a while until attention exploded and sites started to sign up for the plan. What caused it to go viral? Reddit, a link-sharing website.

What are link-sharing sites?

Link-sharing sites are an American phenomenon (each country doesn’t have its own unique link-sharing site)  and are designed to find and promote the most popular content on the internet at any given time. These sites do not create content. The content is edited, curated by people.

Of course, your customers are probably not involved in link-sharing sites, but 2 million people use Reddit on a regular are basis. These people distribute content to other platforms: they are a small percentage of the internet population, but a powerful one. They are influencers.

How does Reddit spread content?

Like a virus, the distribution has several phases:

  1. Dormant phase / patient zero (not many people see it)
  2. Host / propagation phase (e.g. shared on Facebook)
  3. Triggering phase / carrier (Reddit – transmits)
  4. Execution phase / infected (reported on Wikipedia)
  5. Epidemic (everyone talks about it)

When does content go viral?

Timing is key. On average, content goes viral on Thursdays, at 3am Pacific time / 6am Eastern and 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern – this correlates roughly to when people leave for work, stop work for lunch, and leave work for home.

What kinds of content?

Most viral content tends to be humorous – specifically, images. Funny content is heavily weighted towards the end of the day, while serious content is at the beginning. Remember, after a stressful time at work, the last thing people want to do is go home and read about a mortgage.

What days are best for certain subjects?

(i.e. When is there a higher concentration of content producers?)


Examples of good content:

“HP’s One-Year Plan” is a boring headline. But “HP’s One Year Plan” + 1st paragraph”? That’s much more interesting. On Reddit, this was rephrased to “Let’s say you were given a year to kill HP, here’s how you do it.” These kind of headlines generate comments and jokes, which can make the content even more popular.

Well-known brands are also popular with audiences, as is content that piggy-backs on a celebrity (e.g. Will and Kate’s wedding).

For trade-targeted content, B2B is no different to B2C. You can make it interesting no matter how mundane the subject is. You just have to be creative.

Key Points

  1. Know when your audience is online. Publish at optimal times. (Don’t do it on Sundays.)
  2. If it’s a humorous piece, publish it later in the day.
  3. Find the influencers and develop relationships.
  4. Find a platform (e.g. Reddit) and target the users, both with content and timing.
  5. Title content with a hook rather than a descriptive headline.
  6. Look and feel matter – if it looks like spam, they’ll ignore it.
  7. Know your audience – it’s not always the same as your customers.
  8. You’re not promoting this content to generate conversions. You’re doing it for exposure.
  9. Going viral = a bigger audience, which can lead to new customers.
  10. More links from other sites = SEO