Contact Data

Keep your sales team busy with a database of contacts to pitch or clients to service.
Browse and buy individual leads in the Lead Market, or bulk buy historic databases.

One of the top Lead Galaxy advertisers reported achieving a 12% conversion rate by purchasing contact data.

  • Lead Market

    Browse summary information of secondary leads in the Lead Market. Filter by location and budget, select the leads you like and purchase for a fixed price determined by the age of each lead.

  • Investment Property

  • Regional Buyers

  • Alternative Investment

  • Currency Exchange

  • Buying Guides

  • Stock Data

    Some customers need older contact data in larger volumes to supply a sales floor. Lead Galaxy allows the limited purchase of historic data based on a variety of prior enquiry criteria.

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  • Age of Lead

  • Client Country

  • Location of Interest

  • Property Type

  • Price Range


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