Banner Advertising

Service Overview

  • Display advertising to increase awareness of your product, service or event.
  • Ideal for improving brand recognition and raising company visibility.
  • Competitively-priced packages with a low minimum cost to get started.
  • Choose the ad format that you’d like to use for your advertising campaign.
  • Target all ad slots for that format, specific placements or restrict by country.
  • Purchase a fixed number of ad impressions that are served until they run out.

Key benefits


Improve recognition and awareness of your brand among your target audience – ideal to support conversions from a lead generation campaign.

Rich Media

Animations and attractive visual graphics are a more dynamic, rich media than traditional print advertising – make your business stand out!


Focused audience consisting of people visiting property websites; your campaign can also be targeted to show only content related to specific countries.

Low Cost

Highly competitive pricing for premium display advertising, particularly when compared to any offline advertising format.


Accurately track the impressions, clicks, leads and conversions from your campaign and measure the ROI of your investment.

Ad Units & Placements

Below are the different ad formats and the placements that display each type. Each placement is labelled with the site, position and whether it can be targeted according to the country of the content (such as on property search results for a specific country).

New Homes UK---YesYes-------Yes
Homes Go FastYes---Yes--YesYes----
Buy Property 4 Less---Yes---------
Global Property Guide----Yes--------

Packages & Prices

Choose Your Ad Bundle
25,000 Ads50,000 Ads100,000 Ads250,000 Ads500,000 Ads1 million Ads
500 x 375£200£350£600£1250£2000£3000
300 x 600£200£350£600£1250£2000£3000
160 x 600£150£250£400£750£1000£1500
300 x 250£150£250£400£750£1000£1500
728 x 90£150£250£400£750£1000£1500
600 x100£150£250£400£750£1000£1500
970 x 90£150£250£400£750£1000£1500
468 x 60£75£150£200£250£375£500
245 x 150£75£150£200£250£375£500
300 x 50£25£40£60£100£150£200
234 x 60£25£40£60£100£150£200
140 x 100£12.50£20£30£62.50£100£150
120 x 90£12.50£20£30£62.50£100£150

How to Order…

Choose Format

Decide which ad format(s) you want to supply for your campaign and ensure you have creative ready for your campaign. Pricing will be set for each different format.

Set Placement Targeting

Target all placements matching your advert size (broad), specific placements (narrow) or any matching sizes where the content is about a specific country (geotarget).

Select Ad Bundle

You must select an ad bundle for each ad format you wish to run. The ad impressions cannot be split across multiple ad formats or placement targets.

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